Design, Install & Commission

Fireprac provides a complete fire safety solution from start to finish including design, installation and commissioning.


We don’t just provide a standard package that may or may not meet your requirements – our expert technicians can design a custom fire protection system to suit your needs.

We will inspect your facility to determine your specific requirements so we can design the perfect solution for you.


Fireprac are experts at installing fire safety systems including fire alarm and detection systems, evacuation alarms, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, hose reels, emergency/exit lighting and much more.

Our team have years of experience installing systems that are safe and reliable. We can also provide ongoing servicing and maintenance for any of our installed systems.


Our work is fully commissioned and designed to comply with all relevant Australian Standards. Upon completion of your project we can conduct building & site compliance surveys in accordance with the QCD MP6.1 and Australian Standards 1851:2012.

We also provide consulting and fire assessments on systems we have not installed, so we can identify any additional equipment required to make your property completely fire safe.

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Service & Maintenance

There are few things more dangerous than fire, which is why we take the business of protecting your business so seriously.

We understand the importance of maintaining relationships and trust, that’s why we pride ourselves on providing our customers with valuable information and practical fire safety solutions to ensure your premises achieves regulatory compliance in a cost effective manner.

Our experienced technicians carry out testing of fire equipment in accordance with the QLD development code MP6.1, Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 and all relevant Australian Standards.

We test all fire extinguishers, hydrants and hose reels every 6 months and all fire alarm panels, sprinklers and pumps every month.

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Fire Assessments

In Queensland the building occupier is required by law to engage an appropriately qualified person to assess essential safety systems annually, including fire systems.

Fireprac conduct building and site compliance surveys in accordance with the QCD MP6.1 and Australian Standards 1851:2012. This survey provides detailed information on the level of compliance for equipment installed.

This includes an assessment of the fire safety equipment currently present in a building and identification of any additional equipment required by relevant Australian Standards and Building Regulations.

These reports will help you achieve fire safety certification, and can help us identify what fire protection equipment is needed in your premises.

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